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What is CaraQ Room

About CaraQ Room



CaraQ Room is an Online SNS casual game,
All you need to do is to register an account in CaraQ City.
Then, you can have your own avatars and personal virtual spaces/rooms for free.
And, meet all friends around the world by visiting others' spaces.

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What is in CaraQ Room?



CaraQ Room 開放心算小遊戲囉!!





CaraQ Room 開放小遊戲囉!!



Decorate Your Room
CaraQ Room offers different kinds of room styles, and more than 100 different furnitures for you to choose. You can change your decoration at anytime, and invite your friends to come and visit, or visit some other people's rooms or city maps in the game.

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Personal Avatars

Style your avatars in CaraQ Room.

CaraQ room offers different kinds of facial expressions, head dresses, clothes, pants, skirts, shoes, and gadgets for you to dress your avatars.

Unlimited combination creates UNIQUENESS.

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Emotional Icons / Actions

Your avatars will display different actions while you are chatting in CaraQ Room. It makes your conversations more interesting and cute.

For example, your avatars will dance when you enter 
" Cool " while talking to others.

You can purchase different kinds of actions to collocate different keywords, and make your conversations more pleasant and facinating.

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Skype Out Your Friends
CaraQ Room has integrated with Skype functions.

If people have installed Skype, you are able to talk with him/her in CaraQ Room for free.

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